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Family Resources and Suggestions for Coping with Coronavirus

Resources for Stretched Families

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Benefits Information

Unemployment Insurance Expansion

The CT Dept. of Labor (DOL) is announcing modifications to unemployment insurance to help protect workers during this difficult time. Specifically, CTDOL is suspending the requirement that workers applying for new unemployment benefits directly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic be actively searching for work.

Moratorium on Utility Shut-Offs:

The CT Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) has ordered a moratorium on all utility shut-offs. Specifically, PURA has ordered the gas, electric, and water public service companies it regulates to implement a shut-off moratorium and refrain from terminating utility service to residential customers, except for reasons of public safety, for a 30-day period subject to renewal to ensure all residents may safely remain home during the epidemic.

Expansion of AccessHealth CT Benefits

The Office of Health Strategy Executive Director Vicki Veltri is reminding all CT residents that any worker in the state who receives health insurance through their employer, becomes unemployed, and loses minimum essential coverage or receives COBRA – whether it is due to the COVID-19 outbreak or otherwise – qualifies all year-long for open enrollment through AccessHealthCT, the state’s health insurance marketplace. Those interested in applying can find more information at

A Resource for Uninsured Families