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Re-opening Research Facilities Information

Thank you all for your leadership in planning for research reopening under phase I. We want to remind you of the University's Phased Research Reactivation information.

In addition, specific University information is below. Please share with your faculty and administrators.

Protocol for Reporting Suspected COVID-19 Positive Cases:

There will be a call center opening in the coming week that will be a single number to address both possible COVID-19- symptomatic and positive individuals. We will advise you on this procedure when it is ready.

  • If the person has symptoms, but has not been tested, have them contact employee health (203-432-7978). They will advise on testing and provide information on next steps.
  • If someone who is COVID-19 positive has been in your workspace or laboratory, immediately contact your Human Resource Generalist (HRG). Your HRG will ensure that public health authorities will implement measures to trace contacts, etc. Your HRG can also answer any questions about minimizing transmission of COVID-19 to other workplace occupants.
  • In addition, immediately contact Facilities (203-432-6888) and EHS (203-785-3550) to implement enhanced cleaning. A restricted access sign should be placed on the door of the area that requires cleaning. This is the same for non-lab areas.