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Multi-Patient Ventilators

The laboratory of Dr. Laura Niklason in anesthesiology and biomedical engineering and the Coalition for Health Innovation in Medical Emergencies (CHIME) are both developing technologies that would allow a single ventilator to treat more than one patient at a time. Much faster than building new ventilators, the research teams’ devices are designed to allow for quick manufacturing, ease of assembly, and use in high-stress environments. These ventilators are also designed to accommodate differences between individual patients, such as lung capacity. Although the two research teams’ projects are separate, CHIME has provided design and fabrication support to the Niklason lab on its ventilator project.

PReVentS Circuit Demonstration

This is a short demo video outlining the PReVentS respiratory circuit described in a medRxiv Preprint in which we provide the basis for a ventilator circuit that can support two patients with individualized peak inspiratory and end-expiratory pressures.

The circuit is comprised of exclusively 'off the shelf' materials and is inexpensive to produce.

This method has been tested thus far only in the laboratory with mock lungs, and has not yet been deployed in animals or in patients. However, given the novelty and potential utility of this approach, we deemed it appropriate to provide this information to the broader critical care community at the present time. In coming days and weeks, we will continue to characterize and refine this approach, using large animal models and proof-of-principle human studies.

Video by Laura Niklason