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N95 Respirator Equivalency Testing

To relieve a shortage of certified respirators, Yale researchers have developed an apparatus to test the performance of non-certified respirators. This testing system is a collaboration between the Coalition for Health Innovation in Medical Emergencies (CHIME), the departments of mechanical engineering and materials science, chemical and environmental engineering, Environmental Health & Safety (EHS), and the School of Engineering & Applied Science (SEAS) teaching support staff. Built out of the Yale Center for Engineering Innovation & Design (CEID), the apparatus measures how well non-certified respirators filter out particles, as well as how well the respirator allows the wearer to breathe. These results are compared to the performance of NIOSH-certified N95 respirators, and the experimental results for each respirator are forwarded to EHS and Yale’s medical professionals. Since the device’s completion, the team at the CEID has been busy testing numerous batches of non-certified respirators for Yale-affiliated healthcare workers. The apparatus is also capable of measuring the particle efficiency and flow impedance for face masks and specific fabrics.

Mask Filtration Evaluation at the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science

Faculty and researchers at the Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science are measuring flow impulse and particle filtration to solve the problem of evaluating non-N95 masks.

To Relieve a Critical Shortage, a Way to Test Face Masks

With certified face masks at a critical shortage, a team of researchers at the School of Engineering & Applied Science are developing a system to test the reliability of non-standard face masks.

Source: Yale School of Engineering & Applied Science
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