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Mapping COVID Data

Yale University is collecting and creating maps to visualize the state, spread, and impact of the coronavirus pandemic. These maps provide the context that is unavailable when looking at raw data. While some maps are replicated from other sites as a source a high quality information, most of the maps on this site are unique, providing alternative ways to highlight possible areas of interest that may otherwise go unnoticed.

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These maps and information dashboards provide various representations of the confirmed cases of COVID-19 regionally and throughout the globe.
This dashboard displays the Standardized Mortality Ratio (SMR) of Black and Latinx Population to Covid-19 in comparison to White population for the states for which the data are available (+New York City).
This dashboard uses data from the US Census Current Population Survey to estimate child care demand for the children of workers in critical sectors.
This map illustrates data about the number of essential workers throughout the United States who are at risk of complications conditional on COVID-19 (coronavirus) infection.
Where you live can have a significant impact on how COVID-19 affects you. The intention of these maps is to examine how geographic access affects people locally and nationally.